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Work With Underprivileged Kids

  • Job Location

    US Summer Camps (various locations)

  • Start date

    Late June 2010

  • Duration

    9 weeks

  • Job Benefits

    Free flights, food, accommodation & end of camp payment of up to $1200


Work for 9-weeks on an underprivileged camp in the USA for a truly unique and rewarding experience. Each year thousands of children from urban. Low-income backgrounds get the chance to spend a couple of weeks in the countryside thanks to the hard work and funding of local authorities, charities or agencies. For many of the kids that attend these camps it’s their first time out of the city – giving them the opportunity to trey new activities and enjoy the great outdoors! You could earn $1200 and explore all the USA has to offer with up to 10 weeks independent travel after camp!


Although these camps can be challenging, previous experience is not required! To be part of the Camp America experience, you must be over the age of 18 by 1st June 2010, available to depart between 1st May & 27th June, enthusiastic, open minded and ready for anything!!! 

Apply today for details!

About us

Camp America offers excellent opportunities for young adults to gain valuable work and life experiences in the USA.

By working on our summer camp programme you will have the opportunity to travel the States, live and work in a completely
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Copyright ©2006 - 2018. 247 Media Ltd.