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Chalet Hosts / Walk Organisers

  • Job Location

    Corvara, Italian Dolomites

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  • Job Benefits

    Weekly wage + Accommodation + Food + Travel Expenses + Insurance


We are looking for an outdoor enthusiast with an interest in cooking and hosting to act as a Chalet Host & Walk Organiser in one of our Alpine chalets in the Italian Dolomites in northern Italy.

This job offers a great mix of experience; a hospitality job with a lovely outdoor element. Like the rest of the chalet team, your main commitment is to look after our guests in the chalets and all of the behind the scenes chores which go into the smooth running of the chalets on a day to day basis. 

Like all of the other Walk Organisers you have Outdoor Days and Domestic Days, but on your domestic days you would spend a little more time focusing on helping the Chalet Chef, especially for evening prep and dinner service. In the mornings you would be working alongside the other Walk Organisers - preparing, serving and hosting breakfast, then focusing on all of the cleaning chores around the chalet. 

Chalet Host -
The chalet is run by a team of about seven or eight people, a Chalet Chef, and a number of Walk Organisers, who also accompany our guests on walks in the mountains. All of the team have the same responsibility to the day to day running of the chalet, and all get involved in all of the behind the scenes chores as well as the front of house hospitality. Two of the Walk Organisers take it in turns to be the Co-Chalet Host with the Chalet Chef, having a little more focus in the kitchen at breakfast and dinner, assisting the chef with evening prep and dinners service, and working alongside the other Walk Organisers each morning to manage breakfast and all of the cleaning etc.

Walk Organiser - These days involve accompanying guests on our Organised Walks, reminding them of what to bring, showing them the way, looking out for their safety and welfare en route, chatting, getting to know them and enjoying each other's company as you walk. Later you would attend Office Hour, sorting out their plans for the next day. 

These are the days on which you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds us in the areas in which we are based in the company of our guests, who, like you, are likely to have a passion for the great outdoors. These walks are the opportunity to really get to know our guests. The experiences shared and life stories divulged form weekly relationships which enhance the experience of everyone back in the chalets, guest and staff alike.


You would need to have an interest in food and cooking and want to share this with others. We don't mind if you don't have formal qualifications, but an interest in learning new skills and being able to take direction when needed from the Chalet Chef would be essential. 

Plenty of experience of walking in the hills or mountains and navigating using a map in mountainous or wilderness areas, even it has just been as a hobby and not leading groups etc. You need to be relatively fit and confident in high level mountain terrain and happy to accompany groups of guests on any grade of walk, whilst enjoying the day yourself.
You will need to have a British National Insurance Number & Bank Account.
Qualifications / Certificates Needed
  • A current Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate
  • A current First Aid certificate

About us

Work a season with Collett's in the beautiful Italian Dolomites, Austrian Alps, the Picos de Europa or the Pyrenees mountains of northern Spain.

Working in one of the world's most spectacular mountain environments might turn out to be one of
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